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AD Group Members

Search specific Active Directory groups, list users, contacts and computers objects, e-mail addresses, account status and much, much more.

Then export results to Excel or HTML files.

The perfect tool to audit users accounts or AD migrations!

Now list users on AD trusted domains!

No console to install or administrator permissions required!

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Do you have dozens or hundreds of AD Groups and you want to check membership of users?

Search Active Directory groups, list group members (users, contacts, computers and users on trusted domains)
and export results to Excel or HTML files in seconds instead of hours!

Features included on the new version 3.10

(Released on January 11, 2015)

New Show AD objects in a Tree view
Show AD groups, users, contacts and computers on a tree.

AD Group Members Tree View

New New re-designed Metro Interface inspired by Windows 8 and Windows Phone Metro UI.

Active Directory browser
help you select the OU to search groups

Save Results to Excel or HTML files
Save the information to Excel or HTML files.
(Available on Registered versions)

 Show Users on Trusted AD Domains
ist and export users (and their information) on trusted AD domains.
(Available only on Multi-Domain version)

New Auto Update
Keep your tool always updated with the Auto Update or click on the Update button to check if you are running the last build of our tool.

Show User SIDs
View and export AD SIDs (Security Identifiers) of users (and users on trusted domains).
Great for domain migrations!
(Available on Registered versions)

Show Users in Nested AD Groups
View and export users and contacts members of AD groups inside other AD groups (nested AD groups)
(Available on Registered versions)

General User information
View and Export First Name, Initials, Last Name, Display Name, Description, Office, E-mail, Phone, Web Page
(Available on Registered versions)

Export AD users to Excel

Show User Organization
View and export Job Title, Department, Company, Manager, Direct Reports.
(Available on Registered versions)

Show User Address
View and export Street, City, Zip/Postal Code, State/Province, Country/Region, P.O. Box.
(Available on Registered versions)

Show User Telephones
View and export Home Phone, Mobile Phone, Pager, Fax, IP Phone, Notes.
(Available on Registered versions)

Show Logon scripts
View and export Logon Scripts.
(Available on Registered versions)

Show User Status
User account is enabled/disabled, locked/unlocked and expiration information.
(Available on Registered versions)

Show Contacts
View and export contacts. Contacts usually are used for external accounts in AD distribution groups.
(Available on Registered versions)

Show Computers
View and export computers objects.
(Available on Registered versions)

AD Group Members 2.0 Computers

Allow Unsupported Characters in AD Group Names:
If your organization uses groups names with unsupported characters most of
scripts and tools (including the previous version of AD Group Members) will fail.
(Available on Registered versions)

Export your AD users to Excel

(Available on Registered versions)
Simple list of users
Show Active Directory group membership

Next Discover more Excel and HTML reports available

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Compatible with ALL Active Directory versions

AD Group Members supports following Active Directory versions:
Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003 / 2003 R2, Windows Server 2008 / 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012 / 2012 R2.

Also, you can run the tool on any Windows desktop OS connected to Active Directory.
Versions supported: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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